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CNA Training Classes in Tulsa, OK


Come by Prepared 4 Care office today and enroll in any upcoming class to receive a discount. Tuition/partial payment MUST be cash. Other offers void with this offer. Offer valid until further notice.

Ensuring that our trainees succeed in their pursuit of a new career with a well grounded knowledge base and clinical experience that will provide protection for the trainees that have completed our program both legally, physically and emotionally is of EXTREME importance. Other companies may offer similar services however, our  training is provided by a RN that began her nursing career as a CNA and worked in that position for 8 years. Her experience will ensure that all trainees receive the skills and the knowledge that will not ONLY help them successfully pass the Oklahoma State Certification testing, it will also provide them with a complete set of skills and knowledge that will enable them to be a GREAT Nurse Assist, safeguard their time and investment as well as, foster future nursing advancement decisions. At Prepared 4 Care, we take care to provide our students with high quality training to ensure that the Nurse Aide Trainee receives everything he/she needs to become competent with the   Oklahoma Certification Examination. We have schedules to accommodate work and school obligations. We also provide the 16 hour HHA deeming classes in addition to our CNA Training Classes.

 It is our goal to provide each and every trainee with the most rewarding educational experience in an environment that is comfortable and safe for all.  

 The need for health care workers is one of the most demanded professions. You have chosen one particular part of the health care industry that is the most fulfilling and rewarding career choices today. Due in part, to the one on one time you get with the resident/patient, providing comfort, compassion and care. 

According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, the numbers of current and upcoming retirees are doubling and the need for healthcare workers are as well. The rate of pay for the Certified Nurse Aide in the Tulsa area ranges anywhere from $9.50 per hour to $14.50 per hour. 

With the Certified Nurse Assistant credentials, an individual is allowed to work in Long Term Care Facilities, Assisted Living Facilities and Hospital settings. Home Health and Private Duty home health setting will require Certified Home Health Certification which is an additional FREE service to previous CNA trainee's. See link from CMS website on future changes in the healthcare industry. 

Program Hours: Day Classes:       Monday through Friday 8 am - 5 pm (except clinical days)

CHHA Deeming:   $75.00 tuition for NON Prepared 4 Care former students

The Certified Home Health Aide has a16 hour training requirement. No charge for the former prepared 4 Care student.

If you obtained your CNA certification prior to March 2012, you will be required to take a skills examination at a State approved testing site. That test fee is payable to the testing facility.

If you obtained your certification after March 2012, you will only pay the registration fee to the testing site and appropriate fee for certification card.