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CNA Training Classes

  Prepared 4 Care is a superior training program that consists of 80 hours of lecture, video presentation, clinical labs and clinical experience. These hours will be completed over a 10 day period, Monday through Friday 8 am until 5 pm. Lecture is the “knowledge base” to ensure that all trainees are aware of all State, Federal and Local Healthcare Laws,providing them with the ability to protect their financial and time investment. Multiple skills and knowledge evaluations as related to the ability to provide basic nursing care that is holistic, cost effective with the utmost respect and cost effective delivery of care. 

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                                                      2018  CNA Day Training Classes START Dates:

     January:                                                                                                              July:            9 and 23
     February:                                                                                                        August:        27           

     March:                                                                                                                September:    10 and 24

     April:             16                                                                                           October:       8 and 22

     May:              14 (FULL                                                                                 November:    5 and 26

     June:            4th (5 seats available), 18th(6 seats available)              December:       10           

   The classes are held Monday through Friday from 8 am until 5 pm.

                                             Prepared 4 Care CHHA (certified home health aide) Deeming Classes: 
Requires 16 hours  of additional training for the CHHA credentialing. NO ADDITIONAL charge for the Prepared 4 Care graduate. Non-Prepared 4 Care graduates, tuition for deeming is $75.00. These classes may be scheduled to fit your schedule. Call for special appointment times.

                                              To schedule an appointment, please call: +1.918-794-6380.